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BLACKFIRE Car Wash Description

Formulated with TUFF SUDS II foaming technology, BLACKFIRE Car Wash creates mounds of rich suds, even in hard water. This foaming technology uses cleaners and lubricating polymers suspended in the bubble’s walls to scour away the toughest films and road grime without affecting the protective wax or sealant coating. You can feel the difference using a top quality shampoo. Your sponge or wash mitt just glides over the surface. In addition, BLACKFIRE Car Wash is fortified with the same tri-polymers used in our BLACKFIRE Paint Sealant. These polymers increase washing lubricity, encapsulating loosened grit to reduce washing swirls. They also improve water sheeting to prevent water spotting. This makes BLACKFIRE Car Wash an excellent choice for washing black, red and dark color vehicles. Plus, a bonus! Some of the polymers remain on the surface after drying, increasing surface luster and water sheeting. In addition to complementing BLACKFIRE’s shimmering gloss, these polymers can also be used over carnauba waxes, making BLACKFIRE Car Wash a truly universal shampoo. Features: Highly concentrated auto shampoo. Natural conditioning agents leave paint shiny and slick. pH balanced – will not strip wax or paint sealants. Long-lasting, rich suds.

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