GX7 Pro LED Conversion Kit Bulbs Headlights Lamps H13 (9008)

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GX7 Pro LED Conversion Kit Bulbs Headlights Lamps H13 (9008) Description

Size:H13 (9008) The GENSSI GX7 marks a significant step forward from the previous LED Kits in terms of both design and component selection. Up to 30% brighter than our already bright G7 kit. Designed from the ground up to be the most technologically advanced and durable LED kit on the market. An uncompromising mission, deliver the best light possible in a factory headlight on the road! LUX BEAM Technology – Strong penetrating beam! CREE XD Extreme – Authentic CREE XD LEDs OPX technology ensures a sharper beam pattern on the road! Adaptive Copper PCB Board – Copper has up to 5 times higher conductivity coefficient than other metals. Custom Copper leadframe conducts heat away from the LED. Transfer of heat to the heatsink increase LED lifetime decay. Active Coupled Cooling System (ACCS) – Nano Coated 6063 Aluminum for high thermal conductivity for optimal heat transfer integrated with a high speed ball bearing fan Xpert Low profile CAD – Lower heatsink profile of 23.5mm and 40mm width allows fitment onto more vehicles with dust caps, covers and low clearance issues. CANBUS-IC – Intelligent LED power driver with built-in temperature controller. Adapts to electronic pulses from the vehicle and keep your lights running without issue. Lower EMI Water Proof – IP67 construction ensures operation in all weather conditions wet or dry 6500 Kelvin – Stunning 6500K Cool white lights up the road markings like nothing else Input Voltage: 9V-32V DC Input Power: 36W Lumens: 6000 Lumens Light Source: CREE XD14 MicroFine Alloy 6063 Aluminum and 2x Copper Core System 10,000 RPM Ball Bearing Fan Military-grade components Active Power Factor Correction (PFC): Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection provide maximum saftey for your electrical system

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